May 16, 2015 Photo exhibition and screening of the film in Youngstown, Ohio


In cooperation with the Slovak Cultural Association of the Mahoning Valley and The Slavic Student Association at Youngstown State University, an exhibition titled Unidentified Heroes / The Final Mission was held in the The First Presbyterian Church’s Community Room, with the film being screened there simultaneously.

Panels with photographs of American airmen and Slovak rescuers were placed around the walls in the cinema and were viewed with a great interest by the audience before, but also after the film. There was a very warm atmosphere at the meeting with endless number of questions mainly concerning the film production and the Slovakia-US relations. We found out that people in Youngstown have retained many customs of their ancestors, and are interested in what is happening in the country their parents and grandparents came from.

vystava premietanie

For the movie creators the whole event had a touching sequel. We became honorary members of the Slovak Cultural Association of the Mahoning Valley.

dekret cestni celnovia

A big Thank you belongs to Ms. Lorette Ekoniak, the President of this association, thanks to whom the event was a success, and we had the opportunity to meet those wonderful and caring people. They showed us their gratitude for visiting them in a city so far removed from the American cultural centers.